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“Real or not real, if we no think in Global Warming we would part of the World damage”


            In many forms the communications especially in news paper people enter the theme of global warming but only a half of population take attention to this serious problem.  These is the reality of World that not take attention about the self-destruction that we generate and it is easy to explain, Global Warming is the cause of the green house gases that generate the Industrial of Petroleum, gases of the spray production, gases that generate the cars, the growing of urbanization and the tree cut indiscriminate, all of things that involve of the broke of the ozone cape are things that crate and accelerate the Global Warming process.  If we no think in Global Warming we would part of the World damage.  The true is that the Global Warming starts when the rays of sun went to the World, the type of rays that the sun produce is radiation and trip like kinds of waves that enter in the filter of the ozone cape changing the radiation as visible light and in some cases this radiation enter like a infrared rays.  The problem not is who the light and infrared rays enter in the Earth the trouble is what happen when this rays and is pure science that explain that the light have two classifications like a wave and like a particles and has tree possible ways: reflect absorption and transmit, when the rays went to Earth occurred one of that tree kinds of possibilities and in many ways the trees and plants have to be involve in this process.  The plants need light and CO2 to complete the vital process of photosynthesis to create sugar and oxygen that we enjoy using with respiratory process but what relation have this entire thing about the problem of Global Warming?  The light that plant receive with the sun in many times are absorbed but many times this rays crash with surface of leaves and return to the sky travel like a waves, in the sky this infrared rays have two possibilities return to the space crossing the ozone cape or chock with the cloud cause the return to the Earth if the light is not absorber crash with other thing and return to clouds this causing in relation of green house gases like a CO2 the acceleration with a process of Warming in the Earth and cause higher temperatures like a register in 1995 and the problem is that today the temperature go up with the 1995, and it will be more and more catastrophic.   Studies reveals that right know the ozone cape have a fall that promote the melting of the polar cape, its represents more clouds, more obstruction to the infrared rays to return to the space (it work like a wall that limit the trespassing of infrared rays out of the atmosphere) and represent the increasing of the sea level.  The effects of Global Warming have relation with all life organisms and in special with the balance of the ecology.  The problem affect because the damages of ozone cape are irreversible and at the time the scientific estimate that the percent of damage increase in a 0.005% more than in passed year (total value of the damage is 0.035%).  The only protections that maybe have the Earth are the plants and tree that absorber the light and only few waves.   Another document that protects the Earth is the treatment of Kyoto that needs the signature of all countries around the world and U.S.A. one of the first countries that in the severity of problem do not signature.  The treatment of Kyoto is documents that permit to low the green gases production in the World and this document is the only way to contribute to safe a World.  Now is time wake up the solution not is forbid the car uses the solutions start to help to safe the planet and these is easy: not use product that contain a green house gases, if you cut a tree please grow two more plants in the pace of it, educated your community about the problem and involved in the fight with the Global Warming.  The World needs people smarts like you that consider the problem before the results.

Choose one of them (the life of World is in your mind):

___Be involve (real)

___Not be involve (ignore)