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The Agriculture with a Science
The agriculture science is the industrie that move the World.  It is one of the most important and old science arround the World, and it cover farm animals, plants, mechaniche ingenier and food technology. 

The History or Story Behind Agriculture

The Agriculture is the most old science around the World and start at the need of human to produce food not depending the of nature cycle.


My page is also a great place to give information about Agriculture and others sciences involved with my web sites.


My Favorite Journal

Puerto Rico the only place that I like to live”


Many countries and places are good to live; in special places that are recommended because have five starts hotels and if it have an attractive nature resource or a large historical value.  The vantages to live in tourist places are littlies and in compare create a polemic.  More people think that live in tourist area have bad effects, but in other hand people think about the economic benefits that have and the goods think that give to the community the tourist.  

Around the world look for many places I agreed that the only place that I like to live is Puerto Rico.  I look for different places but nobody full my exigencies.  I start look for U.S.A. the land of liberty and opportunity but many persons and many cultures live there, this cause the problem of more employers and no work because more people need and trying to obtain an employ.  Other of trouble to live in U.S.A. is the weather, the climate is template and in Christmas snow limited people to eat and watch television.   U.S.A. no is my style.  My style is places of mountains regions near like a forest region.  I the island alone the technology but communicate with other people. I am dream in island like P.R. with a different like P.R. have 3 400 000 of habitants.  I like to live regions that only the people that like the nature live. 

In my life I like some many places, like Holland and Peru.  But that places not full my needs.  In first lets talk to Peru that have 21, 800,000 habitants.  The capital of this interesting place is Lima and the most attractive parts are the Titicaca Lake and “El destiladero de Cerro Pasco”.  Other thinks that I know is about the regions of Holland is that it have two division or parts.  One of this is Holland Meridian and Holland Septatrional.  Know that thinks about that place I am clearly that I don’t like those places because the only place that I like is Puerto Rico and the only reason to try to live in other place is because I am or trip or vacation. 

I no like live without of Puerto Rico because is the ground of my born and I no forget the all moments of my life in P.R. that I enjoy with my family and friends visit the countries and locals places.  My country have all thinks that I need people are helped and hope, the nature of tropical weather make P.R. a faculty to enjoy warm winter and Christmas.  The soil permit to sowing all kinds of fruits and vegetables except the vegetables and fruit come from template clime.  I not change my Island with nothing it’s unique.  I am sure that others places in the world are littlest in the kind of my exigencies to choose other place to live.  I visit U.S. one time and I am right that any places of the world compared with here and this is proved with my self.