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What is Agriculture?

The Agriculture is the science that study the forms to use the farm animals, plants and all resources of nature to obtain a product that people can use.  The science that study the organized and scientifics ways to use and manegement the soils, farm animals and technology to produce a legal usefull product.    



Name: Eliezer Ortiz Barbosa


Birthday: July 23, 1985


School Preparing:


 My first six years of study I passed in David G. Farragut School (public elementary school) and I graduate with high honor, my secondary studies were in Presbyterian College Pablo Casus  in this institution I study with tree years and graduate with highs honor, my high school studies were in the Community School Eugenio M. de Hostos a grate school that I enjoy and graduate with high honors and at the moment I go to my tree year study in the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez, I am doing a bachelor in Agriculture Science College in the Department of General Agriculture with concentration in Animal Farms Industries and trying to do a teacher certification in Agriculture Education.


Work Experience:


 Recently I collaborated to the coffee collects of this season, during the pass semester 2004-2005 in January I work with training milking cows in Soto and Vidor Herd Dairy Cow for annual contest of appreciation in milks cows, summer 2004 I collaborated with a government program with AMSSCA for tree months to investigate the selling of alcohol and cigarette for minor age and finally I work with June-January with Pueblo Super Market like a tipping bagger.   


Groups or fraternities that I participated:

I am in the religious association “AJEC” (Association of Young Embassy of Christ).



Play a bass and guitar.  A certificated (license) to buy and applied plagues poison.  I am bilingual (Spanish/English).   Driver license.  Experience with excel program and power point.  



Hc05 Box 52268 Maricao, P.R. 00684.

E-mail address: www.eli_ @yahoo.com

Telephone: (787)-690-2000



Department of Engineer Agriculture

In whats new you can found an essay #2 and in my favorite link you can found two quizzes about Agriculture. 

"Problem that has the local coffee-cultures with workmanship"




              The agriculture is the science that uses soils and farmer animals to obtain benefits.  The coffee-culture is the sowing of Coffea arabica one of the most popular fruit that people use around the world for drink in the morning and in all time of the work.  People know what the coffee is, but people don’t know where the coffees come.  The process to obtain coffee start in the farm, in the higher parts of Puerto Rico because the coffee only grows in higher places.  Coffee-cultures prepare the crops all of the year to obtain good crops that be taken in the season that start in July and end in January.  The problem to coffee-cultures is not the preparing before the crops, the problem is the time that take to collect the crops, because needs many workpeople to take out of the trees, that are smalls sized and are easy to take the red grains.  In Puerto Rico for the 18 period one of the most important industries is the coffee industries like a sugar cane, tobaccos and leathers that are the others important industries that predominated.  It gives a special place in the annual receipts of general economy in P.R. but in fact at in this time 2005 the importance of coffee industry decrease and the general economy decrease not is it sounds like a relation about the decrease of general economy and the decrease of general receipts this is true and these occurred right now but, what is the problem that cause the decreasing?, if the best coffee is the P.R. coffee because government no  help the local coffee culture with the importance that it need. 


                The problem of  workmanship that have the local coffee cultures should be an important cause to coffee decreasing in annual receipts in P.R., it in complement of the function of the government that take the incentives that agriculture need and use in other way, are the creator of that problem.  This occurred because government give more incentives to the poorer class that no work and take the agriculture incentives that give more work per year, and that is the reason that people preferred to work in fast food and construction work and not in agriculture works.  Is sad look all years that the number of coffee-cultures decreases because the government not gives incentives that it need?  Think one moment about that:  P.R. in first place of coffee exporting around the world is cool, economy will be grow and annual receipts grow more than 5 years ago, but is not real Brazil is the first place of coffee export, and P.R. the best coffee around the world proved by Japanese scientific that said about the perfect relation of the tropical weather and the elevation in compare of ocean level, the mountains of P.R. give a best coffee.  Know what you gone doe to realize the dream of P.R. in the first place of coffee exporting is simple contribute with local coffecultures to work with them in the crops and if you not participate involve people that not work to participates in programs of coffee crops. 


                 In my personal opinion the perfect solution to problems of workmanship is use people in jail with the source of it.  Another solution that government needs to make for the work man ship is give incentives that it stole in years ago.  Puerto Rico has many sources for workmanship the unique think that we need is disposition to work.

Social Problem Journal: “Terror come to terror, in my perspective a real slogan”

       Terrorism is the acts that create fear and I think that the World is full of them.  People find any maters that are possible to create reaction of fear I to the person.  In all kinds of families, countries, towns and all work people life with fear.  Twenty for hours per day it is because the same person that create or invented the form to protect herself terrorism with others persons.  Terrorism not is only the act to destroy building or transportation ways this is one way of terrorism, but in fact, people have the fault to increasing of terrorism because people live to fear and make fear.  The terrorism is more of the simple act to make terror, it’s includes more others things and ways example of terrorism is person who abuse other person because he/she is cause that people start to feel terror.  In many ways, the terrorism includes the politics issues.


Example of terrorism in politics issues is the words of true that said more people and politics make the president changes to make a true think in

rumors or liars.  Is easy to make any person with fear,  terror makes easy, the only thing that you have is consider what for any people is fear and do it, but the essential of fear is about life, because people have fear to die.  Now I question, terrorism start before in towns that receive?  Is a good question that have many answers depend in many factors example: the culture, the expression and many other kinds of things that make different the world.  The influence of terrorist will be make in the future a real problem because people that be damage of that gone a be react of different form and this is the clue to know what part of the versions believe example of that the United States of America and troubles with Afghanistan.  All person believe that terrorist is the trouble and more of the places that occurred people said because that pass, but in another perspective that people need to question is about what my government of my politic situation produce it, I no justify the action of terrorism but in many cases people need to know the true.


In my opinion that is a cycle and Tuesday, July 23, 1985 people start in any part of the circle.  People start with receiving a terrorist attack or people start terror is it.  Only some peoples think about the causes and the majority thinks on the responsible and the form to make them the same thing.  Is easy to find responsible because they are in the medial of the Orient but is not to easy to find the responsible internal that have all the fall.  Is easy to capture the 9-11 responsible but is not easy to talk about the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.    Is easy to talk about the responsible of the terrorist attack in Spain but not is easy to talk about the form that they discover our island and take the gold, kill Indians and go back to home with heroes.  Is two hard to talk about the center of problem.


In my personal opinion people need to reflect seriously about what that I do to contribute to more terror in world because terror is one of the reasons that is the world is right now on fear.  People need to reflect about the wonderful of life and need to reflect the important of this respects because it give us a opportunity to survive in the world that  people live in anarchy and in the world that moral no have important place in society.


Terror come to terror mind that if I grow in my heart felling of revenge and hanger and I don’t know the problem I am in trouble because in certain term I am grow terror with other people that not know anything about me.  People need the peace the peace that only God bring and is the only peace that during for all life a peace that not have limit in problems and in happy all-time God bring you a peace that world no take.  Record always and all time you make a difference with your act not decide to be terrorist of people and world not be part of the hanger world.

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